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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
Balaji Amines Ltd BALAMINES02-Aug-2021 - 09-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 4/- per share
Dabur India Limited DABUR02-Aug-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 3/- per share
Whirlpool of India Limited WHIRLPOOL02-Aug-2021 - 07-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 5/- per share
Igarashi Motors India Limited IGARASHI01-Aug-2021 - 09-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 1.50/- per share
Indian Overseas Bank IOB01-Aug-2021 - 07-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
MBL Infrastructures Limited MBLINFRA01-Aug-2021 - 07-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
Saksoft Limited SAKSOFT01-Aug-2021 - 10-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 2.50/- per share
Alembic Limited ALEMBICLTD31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Re. 0.20/- per share
Amara Raja Batteries Limited AMARAJABAT31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 6/- per share
Emkay Global Financial Services Limited EMKAY31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Re. 1/- per share
GE T&D India Limited GET&D31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
IFB Agro Industries Limited IFBAGRO31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
IFB Industries Limited IFBIND31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
Symphony Ltd SYMPHONY31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 4/- per share
Tata Steel BSL Limited TATASTLBSL31-Jul-2021 - 06-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
Uniphos Enterprises Limited UNIENTER31-Jul-2021 - 13-Aug-202129-Jul-2021Final Dividend Rs. 3.40/- per share
VRL Logistics Limited VRLLOG31-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Final Dividend Rs. 4/- per share
Andhra Paper Limited ANDHRAPAP30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 5/- per share
Delta Corp Limited DELTACORP30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Final Dividend Re. 1/- per share
Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd GANDHITUBE30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 9/- per share
ICICI Bank Limited ICICIBANK30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Final Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Mishtann Foods Limited MISHTANN30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Interim Dividend of Re. 0.001/- per share
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited POWERGRID30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Bonus 1:3
Rane Holdings Limited RANEHOLDIN30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Annual General Meeting
Sobha Limited SOBHA30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Final Dividend Rs. 3.50/- per share
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited SUDARSCHEM30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021Final Dividend Rs. 6/- per share
Timken India Limited TIMKEN30-Jul-202129-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 1.50/- per share
Century Enka Limited CENTENKA03-Aug-2021 - 05-Aug-202130-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 8/- per share
Hercules Hoists Limited HERCULES03-Aug-2021 - 10-Aug-202130-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 1.50/- per share
Nelcast Limited NELCAST03-Aug-2021 - 09-Aug-202130-Jul-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 0.20/- per share