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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
Automotive Axles Limited AUTOAXLES05-Aug-2021 - 10-Aug-202103-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 4.50/- per share
Greaves Cotton Limited GREAVESCOT05-Aug-2021 - 11-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Final Dividend Re. 0.20/- per share
JK Cement Limited JKCEMENT05-Aug-2021 - 14-Aug-202103-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 15/- per share
Page Industries Limited PAGEIND05-Aug-2021 - 05-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Praj Industries Limited PRAJIND05-Aug-2021 - 11-Aug-202103-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 2.16/- per share
Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Limited PUNJABCHEM05-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Final Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Redington (India) Limited REDINGTON05-Aug-2021 - 11-Aug-202103-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 11.60/- per share
Sundaram Brake Linings Limited SUNDRMBRAK05-Aug-2021 - 11-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Usha Martin Limited USHAMART05-Aug-2021 - 11-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Vedanta Limited VEDL05-Aug-2021 - 09-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
CRISIL Limited CRISIL04-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Interim Dividend Rs. 8/- per share
Godawari Power And Ispat limited GPIL04-Aug-202103-Aug-2021Interim Dividend Rs. 5/- per share
Bata India Limited BATAINDIA06-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 4/- per share
Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited CLNINDIA06-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 15/- per share
Esab India Limited ESABINDIA06-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 25/- per share
Godrej Industries Limited GODREJIND06-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202104-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Hind Rectifiers Ltd HIRECT06-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Re.0.40/-per equity share
Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited KIRLOSENG06-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs.2.50/-per equity share
MRF Limited MRF06-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final and special dividend Rs94/- & Rs50/-Resp
Tube Investments of India Limited TIINDIA06-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs.1.50/-per equity share
VIP Industries Limited VIPIND06-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202104-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Cummins India Limited CUMMINSIND05-Aug-202104-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs.8/-per equity share
Ashima Limited ASHIMASYN09-Aug-2021 - 17-Aug-202105-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Avanti Feeds Limited AVANTIFEED09-Aug-2021 - 14-Aug-202105-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 6.25/- per share
Kopran Limited KOPRAN09-Aug-2021 - 11-Aug-202105-Aug-2021Final Dividend Rs. 1.50/- per share
Akzo Nobel India Limited AKZOINDIA07-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202105-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 30/- per share
Apar Industries Limited APARINDS07-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202105-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 9.50/- per share
Camlin Fine Sciences Limited CAMLINFINE07-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202105-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Central Bank of India CENTRALBK07-Aug-2021 - 10-Aug-202105-Aug-2021Annual General Meeting
Dhunseri Ventures Limited DVL07-Aug-2021 - 13-Aug-202105-Aug-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 2.50/- per share