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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
D.B.Corp Limited DBCORP27-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202123-Sep-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 3/- per share
National Aluminium Company Limited NATIONALUM27-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Final Dividend Rs. 1/- per share
Temple Leasing And Finance Limited TLFL27-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Moneytech Finlease Limited MONEYTECH26-Sep-2021 - 29-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
GOCL Corporation Limited GOCLCORP25-Sep-2021 - 27-Sep-202123-Sep-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Intertec Technologies Limited INTERTEC25-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Mastek Limited MASTEK25-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-202123-Sep-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 9/- per share
Svarnim Trade Udyog Limited SVARNIM25-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
USS Global Limited USSGLOBAL25-Sep-2021 - 29-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Verum Properties Limited VPL25-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-202123-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Polyplex Corporation Limited POLYPLEX28-Sep-2021 - 29-Sep-202124-Sep-2021AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 17/- per share
K.P.R. Mill Limited KPRMILL27-Sep-202124-Sep-2021Sub-division from Rs. 5/- to Re. 1/-
BF Utilities Limited BFUTILITIE29-Sep-2021 - 29-Sep-202127-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Shyam Century Ferrous Limited SHYAMCENT29-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202127-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Cosmo Films Limited COSMOFILMS28-Sep-202127-Sep-2021Interim Dividend Rs. 25/- Per Share
BF Investment Ltd BFINVEST30-Sep-2021 - 30-Sep-202128-Sep-2021Annual General Meeting
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited BAJAJHLDNG29-Sep-202128-Sep-2021Interim Dividend Rs. 90/- Per Share
CL Educate Limited CLEDUCATE01-Oct-202130-Sep-2021Sub-division from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 5/-.